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Complete well-being events and trainings, pre-Christmas parties, management group meetings, product launches and all your important events in the beautiful landscapes of Lapland.

We create and execute events, adventures, trainings, parties etc. also in the whole Lapland region (Finland, Sweden, Norway; Russia) and other arctic areas.

When you want to give your stakeholders special experiences, we can offer them to you in a large scale, from affordable to luxury. 

We can combine for example your pre-Christmas party or meeting with amazing adventures and activities to make a completely unique package.

In winter, nature’s own amusement park is at its best. Huskies, frosty trees, northern lights, reindeer, snowmobiles, frozen rapids and many wonderful adventures are waiting for you. Also in summertime Lapland offers you unique possibilities that you can’t experience anywhere else.


In addition to traditional Lapland activities we execute plenty of unique options based on our own innovations for those who want to experience something completely new in the region – on the side of traditional activities or instead of them. From super adventures to extreme, from premium to luxury.

Please contact us in 050-60 333 or We are happy to give you further information and make you a wonderful offer you can’t say no to.